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CNG and Biogas

Natural Gas Filling Stations

Background: Natural gas plays an ever-increasing role as an alternative energy. The obvious reason for this are the low fuel costs and the reduction of toxic materials in the exhaust.

Application: The compressor draws the gas from the local gas network and compresses it to up to 300 bar. The compressed natural gas is cleaned through a high-pressure cleaning system. The storage is in a high-pressure tanks from which supplies gas with approx. 200 bar to your tank.

Pressure Level: Suction Pressure from 100 mbar - 40 bar

Compressor Series: Natural Gas Compressors


Biogas Compression

Background: Biogas is a inflammable gas, which is produced through the fermentation of biomass. The gas can be used for the generation of electrical energy, for the operation of vehicles or to supply the local gas network. 

Application: For the supply in the local gas network, low pressures of up to 20 bar are necessary. Because the biogas only has a lower pressure after production, it has to be condensed with a compressor. 

Pressure Level: Suction Pressure 100 mbar - 20 bar

Compressor Series: Natural Gas Compressors 

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