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Applications in industry

Test Benches

Background: More and more components are tested for leakage with higher pressures. The gases used for this are air, helium and nitrogen.

Application: Generation of the necessary test pressure in connection with the following preparation or booster. function and leakage test for example with ABS components. 

Pressure level: 40 - 800 bar

Compressor Series: Air compressors middle and high pressure, helium compressors, nitrogen compressors.


Nitrogen Production

Background: The supply of liquid nitrogen is not easily realized in any location. Often costs can be saved trough the local generation. 

Application: The nitrogen produced with pressurized air is filled into gas cylinders using high-pressure compressors. 

Pressure level: 350 bar

Compressor Series: Nitrogen Compressors



Gas Injection Technology (GIT)

Background: If complex polymer components are produced, it often happens that completed components are damaged. Different wall thicknesses, ribbings etc. lead to tension, deforming and sink marks. Through the specific production of hollow spaces, this can be avoided.

Application: Nitrogen is supplied to the hollow spaces in order to reduce the tensions. Equally nitrogen is used for cooling to reduce process cycle times.

Pressure Level: bis 350 bar

Compressor Series: Nitrogen Compressors High Pressure

Accessories: Active-carbon absorber, Absorption dryer, Silencing , Pressurized-air tanks, Storage Cylinders                        



Application in Autoclaves

Background: Many compound materials are mixed with high pressure in autoclaves.

Application: A booster or compressor generate the required pressure. The following post-production supplies the necessary gas quality/purity.

Pressure Level: 40- 350 bar

Compressor Series: Air Compressors Middle and High Pressure

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